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Axanar Confidential # 63

  Axanar     May 30, 2020

Team Axanar talks Starfleet with its Commander in Chief Get the latest on Axanar by signing up for t ...View More

Space X Launch Watch Party

  Axanar     May 27, 2020

Come watch America's return to manned space launches from Cape Canaveral! We even may have a special ...View More

Space X Launch Watch Party

  Axanar     May 26, 2020

Come watch the launch of the first manned Space X mission with Team Axanar! The launch is at 4:33pm  ...View More

Axanar Confidential # 62 - JG Hertzler

  Axanar     May 23, 2020

Star Trek's General Martok, JG Hertzler joins us! Get the latest on Axanar by signing up for the Axa ...View More

Interlude Trailer - The Axanar Fan Film

  Axanar     May 23, 2020

Here is the first trailer of Interlude, the Axanar Fan Film! And what is more, is it is an homage to ...View More

The Morning Trek # 60

  Axanar     May 22, 2020

Come talk all things geeky!

Trek After Dark # 46

  Axanar     May 19, 2020

Join us, and your fellow fans, on tonight's fan panel!

Trek After Dark # 44 Chris Weuve on Space Combat!

  Axanar     May 17, 2020

Naval Analyst Chris Weuve talks naval combat and Star Trek!

Axanar Confidential #61

  Axanar     May 16, 2020

Mark Largent and Mark McCrary join us tonight for a special edition of Axanar Confidential! Please j ...View More

Trek After Dark - # 43 - Steve Jepson!

  Axanar     May 15, 2020

Admiral Slater on deck! Come talk all things geek with our favorite Admiral.

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